Haute Healin' Handz is committed to provide a safe haven for those like-minded individuals seeking holistic non-traditional medicine for the community. .

While being a guest of the Haute Healin' Handz the following will not be tolerated.
Sexual misconduct is forbidden and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Clients understand
that any illicit or sexually aggressive remarks, advances or gestures will result in the
immediate termination of the session and client will be liable for FULL PAYMENT of
the scheduled appointment.

• Sexual Misconduct
• Disruptive Misconduct vulgar or threatening language
• No Loitering

• Sexual Request/Solicitation
• No Mistreatment of the front desk, body-workers,

skin-care workers, and other personnel

They will NOT be rescheduled and banned from the establishment.



Code of Ethics

The partners will take pride in providing services and their appearance.

The partners will not over charge or charge guest for services.

The partners will only uphold/perform services on their area of expertise.

The partners will take pride in providing holistic services to the community

The partners will be continuing education classes to drive the passion of the body-workers.


Haute Healin' Handz is a privately owned business. Guests who do not act in a
responsible manner will be asked to leave or banned from the property.