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Massage therapy is one of the most commonly practiced forms of holistic medicine. Massage therapy heals the patients by using touch to manipulate the muscles

and other soft tissues of the body.

The massage will included hot towel, hot stones, heated back wrap, and aromatherapy


60 min.=$120

90 min=$140

120 min=$200

Momma Bear Pregnancy Massage


***Women considering massage treatment in their first trimester should consult with their physician, midwife, and doula prior to scheduling an appointment. For the safety of the mother and baby Haute Healin’ Handz promotes massage through out all 4 trimesters when it is safe.***


Pre-Natal Massage is awesome wellness plan for the baby and mother for stress relief

and to promote relaxation.

60 min =$140


90 min =$160


120 min =$200

Post-Natal Massage can reduce swelling after delivery (speeds up removal of excess fluid)

-Ease various post-birth issues

-Reduce back pain

-Out of whack hormones

-Post-Natal Depression


60 min=$122

90 min=$144


120 min=$180


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